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New Saigon Productions (NSP), a turnkey Asian entertainment solution company for Vietnamese entertainment and event production. We have been providing Vietnamese entertainment to the community since 2002. As a Vietnamese Entertainment Agency, New Saigon Productions (NSP) is the leader in providing Asian entertainment for any size venue, corporate and private event. We are well known for bringing the young and best talent from Vietnam to the states, including our “A” lists Vietnamese Singers that is exclusive to us.
New Saigon Productions (NSP) is proud to be the industry leader in both booking Vietnamese entertainers and producing a large scale event in a friendly, professional, and customer driven manner. Vietnamese Entertainment and a number of our valued clients rely heavily upon New Saigon Productions (NSP) for the talent/events buying information they need. With detailed profiles and direct contact information on over hundredth of Vietnamese entertainer data is always available.
We at New Saigon Productions (NSP) understand the key elements of Asian talent buying and ensure that this data is available for its clients at all times. We are striving to bring every event or show to a new hype that meet our fan demand. That is why we have representatives all across the United States. With just a phone call away, an estimate of performance fees, production requirement, favorable routing, availability, are provided by one of our representative. Our main focus is supporting the up and coming Vietnamese singers from everywhere around the globe and bringing them to you. On top of that our connection to the Vietnamese media industry would also help established and bringing forth successful, performances to your stage.
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